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teaTea has a rich and important history that dates back over 5000 years. It has come a long way to rightfully claim its title as the world"s second-most popular drink, after water.

Far more than just a beverage, tea has a global history that can be credited with linking the East and West - from Boston Tea party to the Opium Tea Wars - to being the impetus for freeing American colonies.

In the last decade or so, tea's popularity grew even more rapidly following discovery of their potential health benefits as well as the concoction of myriad flavours and variations from around the globe.

The History of tea uncovers..........

2737 B.C.- The second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water or so the story goes.
1191- Japanese Buddhist abbot Yeisai, who introduced Zen Buddhism to Japan, brings tea seeds from China and plants them around his Kyoto Temple.
1589 - European learn about tea when a Venetian author credits the lengthy lives of Asians to their tea drinking.
1657- The first tea sold as a health beverage in London, England at Garway"s Coffee House.
1904- Englishman Richard Blechynden creates iced tea during a heat wave at the St. Louis World Fair.
1908- New York tea importer Thomas Sullivan inadvertently invents tea bags when he sends tea to clients in small silk bags, and they mistakenly steep the bags whole.
1997- The world's largest tea museum, which costs US10 million and boasts 2.7 hectares of exhibits, opens in Taiwan.


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