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Most of us know that SILK begins by raising silkworms on mulberyy leaves.  When they are mature. the silkworms spin the silk cocoons.

Logo Asian has been importing Thai silk since 2007.  All our silk is made in Thailand and created by individual, independent, women weavers at their homes using traditional methods and their own looms.

Every piece of hand woven Thai silk is a timeless, unique work of textile art from the hands of a rural Thai woman. We also sell machine woven silk, an industrial perfect fabric and is suitable for many purposes Thai silk fiber is strong but lightweight, elastic but supple.

Silk care

To obtain its own natural form, the silk should be chemically cleaned. Never put silk in a washing machine. If you wash by hand use only mild detergent and soak the silk in lukewarm water. Never use direct sunlight to dry silk and do not leave crumpled while wet.Before ironing it is important to sprinkle water and iron on the inside. Following these instructions you can save a natural form of your silk.