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Teak Wood from teak tree or Tecona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, recognized for its durability and stability.  It is highly water resistant.  This content alone can protect the wood from decay, insects and bacteria.  Teak Wood can be cleaned with water, using soft bristle brush.

Rain Tree wood is from the Rain tree.  Widely grown in tropical countries such as in Thailand.  The tree can grow as high as 100 feet with trunk of 36-48 inches in diameter.  It's bark is dark colour, wood is wavy, interlocked grain with coarse texture.  Light, soft and the wood is easily worked, good for making decorative furniture.  Daily cleaning with dry cloth or soft brush.

Bamboo is the most environmentally safe and friendly product.  Its natural beauty and workability makes it an ideal medium for furniture. Bamboo  is a naturally growing plant, especially in Thailand.  Being part of the grass family, bamboo grows in abundance in the jungles.  At about 3 years of age, it , is harvested by hand and carried out of the jungles  manually.  By leaving the roots, it is naturally self-replenishing, so there is an ever-lasting supply.

WOOD CARE ... Polishing wood will help to nourish it.  Genuine beeswax is best type of polish.  Do not use liquid ir spray or acrylic resin on wood, as they will seal the wood surface.