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Now available in our shop the following great dipping sauce for all kind of deep fried or grilled  meat or seafood.  Also Light Soy sauce and
Sesame oil, excellent to enhance the taste of appetite and ideal for all stir fried dishes.


Siracha chilli sauce
# excellent dipping sauce for all grilled meat
and topping for pizza
Cijena MPC 3,50 km

sweet mango


Sweet Chilli Sauce with lemongrass
# Excellent for  salad dressing. Try with .salad
Green apple, carrot and sprinkle ground peanuts.
Cijena MPC 3,50 km



Light soy sauce
# best enhancer for stir fried dishes
especially fried rice and all types of noodles. 
Cijena MPC 3,00 km



Sambal Oelek
# A "must have" ingredient for  more spicy pasta
 sauce and stew.  Even better for fried rice and noodles.
Cijena MPC 4,50 km



French Fries sauce 
# French fries never taste better!
Cijena MPC 3,00km


Chilli Oil
#  Easy and tasty  way to make spicy salad, fried dishes.
Even for pasta and noodles.
Cijena MPC 3,50 km


Sweet Chilli sauce (sugar free)
# Irresistable dipping sauce for all deep fried finger food.
Cijena MPC 3,50 km


Green salad dressing
# A very popular dressing for making Asian salad.
Cijena MPC 3,50 km