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Vitamin K
We are fully aware that  vitamins  are vital for healthy living. The most known Vitamin A, B, B1 to B6, C, D and E......but how much do you know about Vitamin K?
Vitamin K plays an important role in promoting blood  clotting to stop bleeding.  Because of this, the vitamin K is often referred to as the band-aid vitamin.  It is also required for mineralisation and kidney function.
There is no recommended daily intake for Vitamin K because it can be made by the bacteria naturally present in the intestine.  Babies are given an injection of vitamin K at birth because the
infant gut is free of bacteria and breast milk does not contain much of the  vitamin K.
Food sources (mcg per 100grams) :  Spinach 240 mcg; lettuce 200mcg;soy beans 190mcg ,cauliflower 150mcg; cabbage 100mcg;broccoli 100mcg;wheat bran 80mcg;wheat germ 37mcg;green beans 22mcg;asparagus 21mcg;oats 20mcg;potatoes 20mcg, peas 19mcg;strawberries 13mcg;beef mince 7mcg,milk full cream 5mcg, milk skim 4mcg.
Deficiency: signs of deficiency are easy bruising, uncontrolled bleeding after injury and surgery.
Toxicity: Excessive use of supplements can lead to the clotting and breaking of red blood cells, which causes anaemia and the release of pigment billrubin into blood stream.  High levels of billrubin can cause brain damage.
From: Periplus Mini Cookbook

Simple recipe that can  help incorporate vitamin K into our everyday lives:
Brocolli with  minced beef in sesame oil
4 cups brocolli - cut into chunky pieces
100gm minced beef
1 cup chicken stock
1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic
2-3 teaspoon Suree soja sauce
1-2 tablespoon  Suree sesame oil

Preparations: Cut brocolli  into chunky pieces and boiled slightly in water, set aside. Marinate minced beef with a tsp flour, a tsp sesame oil,
a pinch iof salt and pepper.  In a saucepan, stir-fry chopped garlic in  sesame oil and pour in chicken stock.  Add in minced beef to stock. When beef is cooked, put in the boiled brocolli and soja sauce.
Serve with boiled macaroni or steamed rice.

Keep smiling with healthy living!